Young musicians performing at Ambassador’s residence

group of young musicians
Young musicians Performing

The Ambassador of the United States of America Jay Anania and his wife Mrs. Lourdes Anania hosted a music event at their residence on Friday evening, January 10, 2014.

Eight talented musicians played different genres of music from classical to contemporary, with instruments ranging from voice, to guitar and piano during the one hour concert.  Many of the songs performed were famous pieces written and performed originally by artists from the United States.  Mrs. Anania acknowledged the dedication, passion, and hard work of these young promising Surinamese musicians and noted that aside from the enjoyment of making music, practice builds discipline and gives the musician the satisfaction of knowing their efforts yield beautiful results.

In her remarks, Mrs. Anania stated that music is a rewarding journey and can be a positive influence on young people, providing structure and support that may keep youth from going down the wrong path.  She also said that is why it is so important for musicians to share their enthusiasm and act as role models for young people.