Updated Request for Notary Services

Paramaribo January 28, 2019

SUBJECT:  Request for Quotations Number 19NS5019Q0002 Notary services

Dear Prospective Quoter:

The Embassy of the United States of America invites you to submit a quotation for Notary services for a real estate transaction.

Your proposal must be submitted via email to the Contracting Officer: Kory A. Strickland StrickandKA@state.gov, on or before 15:00 hours on Friday March 8, 2019. In order for a quotation to be considered, you must fully complete all documents in the solicitation package:

Link to the solicitation package here


Direct any questions regarding this request for quotations to the Procurement office or Kory Strickland by letter or by telephone between February 7-14, 2019, during regular business hours at 556700 Ext. 22264, 22283 or 22269, e-mail to: StrickandKA@state.gov and copy to PRMPprocurement@state.gov or  GSOParamar@state.gov

Answers to questions will be e-mailed to all prospective bidders no later than February 21, 2019


Kory A. Strickland

Contracting Officer