U.S. Government Delivers Disaster Response Supplies to National Coordination Center for Disaster Response

man with delivery truckThe United States Government, through the Department of Defense (DOD), recently delivered three shipping containers of supplies, valued at over $250,000, to the National Coordination Center for Disaster Response (NCCR).  The purpose of this delivery was to enhance the NCCR’s ability to respond to and mitigate the effects of natural and man-made disasters on the population as well increase the ability of Suriname’s healthcare providers to provide basic medical services.

The project began back in September of 2013 after deficiencies were identified in the existing disaster response warehouse and many of the medical facilities that lacked adequate quantities of disaster response supplies.  Some of the supplies include tents, bunk beds with mattresses, sand bags, human remains pouches, mixed medical supplies, and medical carts.

The delivery was made possible through a donation from the DOD’s Excess Property Project.  Assisting Suriname’s Disaster Relief Warehouse and its partner organizations with sufficient quantities of required supplies demonstrates the ongoing cooperation and friendship between the armed forces of the United States and Suriname.