U.S. Embassy Supports Direct Passenger Flights between the United States and the Republic of Suriname once technical requirements are met

On June 21, 2013, the United States and the Republic of Suriname initialed the U.S.-Suriname Open Skies Agreement (“the Agreement”).  Once ratified by Suriname’s National Assembly, the Agreement could liberalize our bilateral aviation relationship.

This agreement has the potential to strengthen and expand trade and tourism links between the United States and Suriname to the benefit of businesses, tourists and other travelers.  It will enable expanded air service, more choice to passengers, and encourage price competition by airlines, while safeguarding aviation safety and security for all travelers.

In order to establish non-stop flights between Suriname and the United States under the Agreement, aviation security standards set forth by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) must be met.  Once the Government of Suriname has implemented the required ICAO Security Standards, the government may request a team of United States of America Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Inspectors to conduct an airport assessment of Johan Adolf Pengel (JAP) International Airport to ensure that all ICAO Security Standards are being implemented accordingly.  Inspectors from the United States Transportation Security Administration (TSA) regularly visit Suriname and countries world-wide to conduct airport assessment using ICAO Standards and air carrier inspections on aircraft operators with flights to the United States using TSA regulations to ensure compliance.

The United States does not seek to establish a permanent presence as a part of security infrastructure at (JAP) International Airport.

The United States looks forward to receiving notification from Suriname that necessary amendments to the National Civil Aviation Security Plan for Suriname and upgrades to security infrastructure have been completed per ICAO standards for certification of the JAP International Airport as a last point of departure for direct flights to the United States.  Any decision to request non-stop service between the United States and Suriname will be a commercial decision made by individual airlines.

The Embassy is confident that non-stop service between Suriname and the United States of America would be greatly appreciated by many travelers, and would expand trade and tourism ties between our nations.  The U.S. Embassy will continue to support improved travel connections between our nations.