How to Apply for a Second Passport

Save time. Complete your passport application online before coming to the Embassy.

According to the longstanding policy of the Department of State, no U.S. citizen should be issued more than one valid U.S. passport except under exceptional circumstances specifically authorized by the Department. Applications for second passports are reviewed by Department of State officials in Washington D.C. on a case-by-case basis.  If second passport applications are not approved, the application fee is forfeited. No refunds are available.  Unlike regular U.S. passports which are valid for ten years, second passports are only valid for two years.

Appointments are required for all routine consular services. To make, change, or cancel an appointment, please visit the American Citizen Services Appointment System.  Please schedule separate appointments for each person applying for a consular service.

Passport Application Form DS-82

You can complete the form in one of three ways: 1) type your information into the online form and print the completed form; 2) print the form from the Internet and complete in pen; or 3) pick up the form in the consular waiting room and complete before your interview. We strongly recommend completing your application before coming to the Embassy.

Come in for your appointment

Your valid regular U.S. passport If renewing a second passport, please bring both your regular passport and your second passport.

One (1) 2” x 2” color passport photo.

An official company letter on company letterhead providing a detailed description of the applicant’s need for a second passport, specifically addressing the following points:

    • Job title of the applicant and why that position requires frequent international travel;
    • The destinations to which the applicant will be traveling as well as the duration and frequency of those travels;
    • Examples of restrictive entry policies, short visa validity periods, or prolonged delays in foreign visa processing that prohibit the applicant from traveling as needed for his/her duties.
    • Signed by an authorized representative of the company listing the full name and title of the signor.

A written statement from the applicant stating why he/she needs a second passport and providing specific examples of how restrictive entry policies, short visa validity periods, or prolonged delays in foreign visa processing have caused or could cause him/her professional or personal hardship. The letter should also contain the three statements below:

    • I am requesting the issuance of a second passport to facilitate my travel to the countries listed on my passport application and in this letter.
    • I understand that a second passport will be limited to two years validity and that I may reapply at the end of that period if my need to travel to the aforementioned countries continues.
    • Should either of my two passports be lost or stolen, I will report immediately the circumstances of the loss to Passport Services, or if abroad, to the nearest U.S. embassy, consulate, or consular agency.

Passport fees

Second passport applications cost $110 USD.

If your second passport application is deemed complete by the interviewing consular officer, your application will be sent to the Department of State for review.  You will be notified in approximately two weeks from the date of submission whether or not your application has been approved. If approved, you will be instructed on how to collect your passport at the Embassy. Expedited passport processing is not available.  Please schedule travel plans accordingly.