Statement by Ambassador Karen Lynn Williams

January 7, 2021

Last night, in a testament to the strength of our democracy and the courage of our elected representatives, the members of the United States Congress and Vice President Pence re-entered the Capitol chambers — chambers that had been violently trespassed by an unlawful mob.  Once returned, our representatives fulfilled their Constitutional duty to ceremonially count the votes of the Electoral College and certify the result — the victory of President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris. But yesterday was a sharp reminder that democracy is not static — it requires vigilance and commitment. Those perpetrating the attack will be held accountable and the rule of law, not the mob, will prevail.

I thank all of you who have offered messages of support for the United States. Your thoughts underscore the common values we share, our joint commitments to democracy and the rule of law. The democratic process in both of our nations has been tested in the past, and surely will be tested in the future, but we know these experiences and our reactions to them make us stronger.