South Dakota National Guard Leads Exchange on PPE Protocol

person trying on suitSubject Matter Experts from the South Dakota National Guard traveled to Suriname to discuss infectious disease mitigation measures and the protocol for use of personal protective equipment – PPE – with local first responders, medical providers, and defense force personnel.  This exchange supported the donation of PPE in November 2014 to the National Coordination Center for disaster Response (NCCR) by the U.S. Southern Command.  The PPE is part of Suriname’s emergency preparedness plan for a potential outbreak of infectious disease, such as the Ebola virus.

Sergeants First Class Kelley Crane and Alex Raber of the South Dakota National Guard led the exchange with 28 Surinamese participants consisting of personnel from the NCCR, medical community, fire department, and defense force.

The exchange was held on January 28 and 29, 2015, and was hosted by the NCCR.