Request for quotations for Fuel maintenance Services 19NS5020Q0004

The U.S. Embassy in Paramaribo requires preventive maintenance services for their fuel systems. These services shall result in all systems being serviced under this agreement being in good operational condition when activated.

If you are qualified, have the expertise and are interested in bidding on this contract, please e-mail the Embassy to obtain a solicitation package during the period of May 21-26, 2020

Addressed to the Contracting Officer at The U.S. Embassy Paramaribo Kristalstraat 165 Paramaribo, Morgenstond.

Via e-mail to :

For : Fuel maintenance Services, 19NS5020Q0004

Due to the circumstances around Covid-19, the physical site visit will take place at a later stage, consequently the date to submit your quotation will also be announced accordingly

See schedule of activities here below :

  1. Advertisement                                                                   5/5/2020          5/20/2020
  2. Requesting solicitation package                                    5/21/2020        5/26/2020
  3. Issue sollicitation,                                                             5/27/2020        5/29/2020
  4. Electronic submission of questions by bidders           5/30/2020        6/6/2020
  5. Answers by Embassy                                                       6/15/2020
  6. Hold site visit and/or pre-proposal conference,          To be Determined
  7. Receive proposals                                                            To be Determined
  8. Award the contract                                                           To be Determined

For questions or information call Office of Procurement or the FAC office
at 56700 Ext. 2283 or 2247 or e-mail to: