Remarks by Ambassador Jay N. Anania USAID/A Ganar Program launch – Round Two of Implementation

Representatives of the Government of Suriname, Special guests, Members of the private sector, Civil society partners, Youth attendees, and Members of the media.

Good morning:

I’m pleased that the A Ganar program is launching its second round of implementation. A Ganar will offer guidance, counselling, training, and job support for an additional 330 young men and women.  With each additional round of the Program, more youth are engaged and set on positive life paths.

Today’s launch is another step forward in the partnership of the United States, Suriname and other CARICOM nations.   Under the Caribbean Basin Security Initiative, we are working together to provide support for youth in the region, through pathways to employment, entrepreneurship, or a return to formal education.  These are pathways to positive engagement in your communities, ways to avoid youth unemployment, or involvement in criminal activities. Programs such as these are necessary to assist and guide youth who need that second chance.

The presence here of leaders from government, civil society, and the private sector, shows a common commitment to finding and implementing practical solutions that support youth.  Your involvement shows there is genuine interest in the growth and development of Surinamese youth.

To all of you young men and women who made the choice to participate in the Program, I congratulate you.  You are demonstrating a commitment to developing yourself, your family and your community.

You’re only now beginning, but every journey begins with the first step.

I want to commend each of you for committing to the program, taking this first step towards improving your competencies and skills, and working towards your future success.

Through the A Ganar program, Stichtings will train, guide and advise you in the choices you make, and link you to appropriate technical training and other services. You also have family and friends encouraging and guiding you.  Despite these positive reinforcements, what is most important is that you maintain your commitment to success.  Others will provide support, but it is your responsibility  to make the right choices.  I’ll be looking forward to seeing each of you at the graduation ceremony when you can stand proudly before your family and friends.

To the entire A Ganar team, the Stichtings helping these young men and young women succeed, and the network of partners that continue to contribute to a coherent support system, “congratulations” and “thank you” on the great work you are doing. With the launch of this new round, you’re embarking on another challenge, but you’ve already proven you’re capable of succeeding.  The U.S. Government remains committed to working with you to advance our common goals and is proud to provide significant funding for the A Ganar Program.

My best wishes to you all. Thank You.