Public notice of Request for quotation for an Articulating Boom Lift

The U.S. Embassy in Paramaribo, General Services Office (GSO) Contracting and Procurement, is in need of a company with qualified reliable, responsible and responsive firms with sufficient resources and work experience to provide an Articulating Boom Lift for the U.S. Embassy Paramaribo. In order for a company to be considered, the company must be able to meet, satisfy, understand, and comply with all requirements in the Request for Quotes (RFQ), including due date.

Please see specifications below or similar:

Platform Height
600A 60 ft 5 in. 18.42 m
600AJ 60 ft 7 in. 18.47 m
Horizontal Outreach
600A 39 ft 7 in. 12.07 m
600AJ 39 ft 9 in. 12.10 m
Up and Over Clearance 26 ft 7 in. 8.1 m
Swing 360 Degrees Continuous
Platform Capacity
Restricted (600A) 1,000 lb 450 kg
Platform Capacity
Unrestricted 500 lb 227 kg
Platform Rotator 180 Degrees Hydraulic
Jib Range of Articulation (600AJ) 130 Degrees (+70, –60)

600A 21,640 lb 9,816 kg
600A Narrow 24,100 lb 10,931 kg
600AJ 22,240 lb 10,088 kg
600AJ Narrow 24,200 lb 10,977 kg
Max. Ground Bearing Pressure
600A 77 psi 5.5 kg/cm2
600A Narrow 94 psi 6.6 kg/cm2
600AJ 75 psi 5.25 kg/cm2
600AJ Narrow 94 psi 6.6 kg/cm2
Drive Speed 2WD 4.25 mph 6.8 kph
Drive Speed 4WD 4.25 mph 6.8 kph
Gradeability 2WD 30%
Gradeability 4WD 45%
Axle Oscillation 8 in. 0.2 m
Turning Radius Inside/Outside
2WS 10 ft. 11 in./17 ft. 7in. 3.33 m/5.36 m
4WS 5 ft. 6 in./11 ft. 8 in. 1.68 m/3.56 m
Narrow Models
4WS 5 ft. 7 in./11 ft. 2 in. 1.7 m/3.4 m

Power Source
Dual Fuel Engine
Ford MSG425 84 hp 62 kw
Diesel Engine
Deutz TD2.9L4 Tier 4 Final 67 hp 50 kw
Fuel Tank Capacity 30 gal. 113.6 L
Hydraulic System
• Capacity 30.6 gal. 115.8 L
• Auxiliary Power 12V DC
• Standard IN355/55D-6.25 Low Profile
• Narrow Models 14 x 17.5 Air Boss
• Optional Foam-Filled

• Oscillating Axle
• 180 Degree Hydraulic Platform Rotator
• 110V-AC Receptacle in the Platform
• 5 Degree Tilt Alarm/Indicator Light
• Swing-Out Engine Tray
• 12V-DC Auxiliary Power
• Hourmeter
• Horn
• Control ADE® System
• Proportional Controls
• Gull-Wing Engine Hood
• Platform Console Machine

Status Light Panel*
• Lifting/Tie Down Lugs
• All Motion Alarm
• Glow Plugs (Diesel Engines)
* Provides indicator lights at platform control console for system distress, 5 degree tilt light, and foot switch status.

• Platform: 36 x 72 in. (0.91 x 1.83 m)
• Fall Arrest Platform, Rear Entry1:
36 x 96 in. (0.91 x 2.44 m)
• Self-Closing Gate
• Mesh to Top Rail — Bolt-on Aluminum
• Soft Touch System
• Operator Tool Tray
• 43.5 lb (19.7 kg) Propane Tank
• Cold Weather Start Kit2
• Hostile Environment Kit3
• Light Package4
• Platform Worklights
• Flashing Amber Beacon
• Arctic Package5
• Accessory Packages:
— SkyPower®
— SkyWelder®
— SkyGlazier®
— SkyCutter®
— Pipe Rack
1. Foam-filled tires required.
2. Includes glow plugs (Diesel), battery heater, oil tank heater.
3. Includes console cover, boom wipers and cylinder bellows.
4. Includes head and tail lights, and platform worklights.
5. Includes arctic hydraulic hoses (drive and steer only) and main boom cable, arctic hydraulic oil, extreme cold engine oil, fuel conditioner, engine block heater, battery blanket, glow plugs, hydraulic tank heater, and oversized footswitch.4. Not available on Multi-Powered models.
6. 2WD only.
7. Includes head and tail lights, and platform worklights.
8. Includes hydraulic tank heater, battery heater, and heater pad for block.

Note: Some options may increase lead time, and some option combinations may not be available.

Items need to be delivered no later than 30 days of delivery or acceptance of the Purchase Order!

Company should be able to provide one (1) year maintenance for the Articulating Boom Lift and provide a maintenance schedule for the first year.

Please submit your bid via email no later than August the 6th, 10:00am.

Late offers will not be considered!

To request a copy of the solicitation, please contact the Contracting and Procurement Section, via E-mail:

Please note that this email address is for contracting and procurement inquiries only. Questions related to visas or other issues will not receive a reply.

All businesses entering into a contract or purchase order with the U.S. Government will require a DUN’s Number ( ) and be registered in SAM ( ). Qualified firms interested in this opportunity must follow the specific instructions in the solicitation.