Business Resource Center

The Business and Education Resource Center (BERC) is an information center that advises on business and educational opportunities in the United States.We stand ready to assist U.S. businesses interested in doing business in Suriname as well as Surinamese businesses either seeking partners in the United States or seeking to import items from the United States.  We also assist students interested in studying in the United States.


BERC works to ensure that the business community has easy access to various commercial resources.  The center provides customized commercial information using in-house reference materials and electronic research.  BERC can assist you in locating products and services and/or suppliers in the United States.


BERC’s goal is to increase public awareness about study opportunities in the United States and to assist individuals who want to pursue studies there by providing information required to apply and study at colleges and universities.  BERC provides access to various in-house resources and computer-based searches for students looking for specialized programs and schools.The center informs the public about standardized admission tests and distributes test bulletins.