American Corner

In cooperation with the Cultural Center of Suriname, the Corner opened to the Surinamese public in 2005, is a symbol of the ongoing friendship and partnership between the people of the United States and Suriname.The American Corner provides current and reliable information on American culture, history, politics, and much more, for students, teachers, journalists and anyone interested in learning about the United States.  American Corner Paramaribo has a collection of more than 400 books in English, ranging from classic novels to children’s books to reference collections, as well as various DVDs, games, and audiobooks.

The American Corner hosts a variety of educational and cultural programs and houses a wide selection of English language learning tools, including extensive online databases and an e-library.  The Corner is open five days a week and offers all services, programs and resources for free to the public.

Each month, the American Corner features two award-winning American movies at T.B.L. Cinemas on Lalla Rookhweg.  These films celebrate American artistry as they highlight American history and culture.  American Movie Night is held every fourth Thursday (movies intended for adults) and Friday (movies intended for children) of the month (subject to change based on holidays or other special events).