Ambassador signs Memoranda of Understanding totaling more than $25,000 for the PEPFAR Small Grants Program

men signing paperThe U.S. Embassy Paramaribo held a signing ceremony on Tuesday, August 12, 2014 to award grants under the PEPFAR Small Grants Program. The recipients of the 2014 PEPFAR Small Grants were the Suriname Business Coalition Against HIV & AIDS, Medical Mission Primary Health Care Suriname, and Foundation Liefdevolle Handen.

Ambassador Anania signed the agreements with representatives of the organizations: Mr. Bryan Renten, representing the Suriname Business Coalition Against HIV & AIDS, Mr. Krisnadath Somai, representing the Medical Mission Primary Health Care Suriname, and Mrs. Lydia Boedjawan-Kodan, representing Foundation Liefdevolle Handen.

The PEPFAR Small Grants initiative, formerly known as the Ambassador’s HIV Prevention Program, was launched as part of a U.S. Government initiative to mobilize PEPFAR resources to assist in reducing the impact of HIVand AIDS in the Caribbean region.  The program allows the Embassy an opportunity to partner with organizations at the local community level to support innovative, short-term proposals to mitigate the spread of HIV and AIDS.

The recipients will target difficult-to-reach and vulnerable populations with their projects, and specifically work to raise awareness, tackle stigmatization and other forms of discrimination against people living with HIV & AIDS, and encourage healthy lifestyles through workshops, trainings, and other events.  Each organization has a unique target group and approach.

The U.S Embassy Paramaribo is proud to work together with Suriname to address the AIDS pandemic, and appreciates the Ministry of Health for their valuable assistance and contribution to this and the range of HIV prevention and awareness programs implemented by the Government of Suriname.

The 2014 recipients are:

Suriname Business Coalition against HIV & AIDS – $10,000.00

Through this grant four assigned member companies of the Suriname Business Coalition against HIV& AIDS will provide HIV/AIDS related information, education, and support to employees in a sustainable, cost-effective manner.  The program “Peer Educators SBS” includes a focus on decreasing stigma and discrimination and countering gender-based violence.

Medical Mission Primary Health Care Suriname – $8,050.00

Medical Mission Primary Health Care Suriname will provide communities living in the interior clear and substantive information regarding HIV through the project “Would you still love me if you knew I was infected?”  This project will motivate residents to get tested and receive information on a responsible reproductive lifestyle.

Foundation Liefdevolle Handen – $7,439.32

Foundation Liefdevolle Handen will target youth and women living in the district Sipaliwini and the general population in capital Paramaribo.  The foundation will promote a healthy lifestyle and general information on HIV and support peer educator’s training for youth as its main activities.