Ambassador Nolan’s Remarks at the American Corner Grand Re-Opening Event

The following are the remarks delivered by Ambassador Nolan at the grand re-opening and ribbon cutting ceremony at the newly remodeled and relocated American Corner. These remarks are as drafted.

Thank you all for coming this morning. 

It is my pleasure to be here with CCS Director Nadia Becker and her team as we celebrate the grand opening of the new American Corner.


Since its opening in 2005, the American Corner has hosted a variety of educational and cultural programs each year.  It also houses a wide selection of English language learning tools, including extensive online databases and an e-library.  The Corner offers all services, programs and resources to the public at no cost.

Probably the most well-known American Corner program is the very popular monthly movie night.  But there is far more to the American Corner than just movies.

During the past year the American Corner has hosted a diverse array of programming – from supporting young entrepreneurs to commemorating the life and work of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Through these various programs and events, the American Corner serves to build bridges between the people of Suriname and the United States, increasing understanding, collaboration and partnership.

This new first floor location offers the American Corner some prime real estate.  With increased visibility and a brand new space, we anticipate a higher demand for the services provided by the American Corner.  But this is very welcome!

The students, entrepreneurs, researchers, and others who use the American Corner will find the resources they need right here in a clean, modern and functional space. 

Here they will find the latest, in-depth information about the United States.  They will find a place for conversations about U.S. policies, society and values.  And also an opportunity to engage on global issues.

I would like to offer my thanks to Ms. Becker and her team.  CCS not only serves as our partner by allowing the Embassy to operate the American Corner here, but it also served as the project manager for the build-out of this space.

We are proud to have this new location.  I am confident that it will contribute to building bridges between the people and Suriname and the United States and will exemplify our commitment to a core tenet of democracy: A citizen’s right to free access to information.

Once again, Thank you all for coming.