Ambassador Nolan Tours Kosmos Energy’s Drill ship

Ambassador Nolan recently toured Kosmos Energy’s oil drilling operations on board the Ultra Deepwater Drillship ENSCO DS-12. After a brief helicopter ride to the offshore location, the ship’s crew, along with Kosmos VP and Suriname Country Manager Tom Fauria, provided the Ambassador with briefings about the ship and drilling operations.

Contracted by Dallas based Kosmos, the ENSCO DS-12 was built in 2013 and is a fully equipped modern drilling vessel with accommodation for approximately 200 crew and onboard oil and gas experts. The vessel has the capacity to drill in water up to 3000 meters deep and can drill up to 12.000 meters deep.

Many thanks to Kosmos Energy and the ship’s crew for hosting this tour. And, of course, many thanks to the helicopter crew for a safe flight.

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