Ambassador Anania’s Meeting with Foreign Minister Winston Lackin

In a meeting with Foreign Minister Winston Lackin on Monday, March 3, Ambassador Anania reaffirmed the shared commitment the United States and Suriname have to the fundamental values of democracy, including a commitment to free and fair elections.

He also thanked the Minister for acknowledging that meetings with various election officials were part of normal diplomatic engagement and that diplomats from all nations routinely follow elections in their country of assignment.  Ambassador Anania confirmed that he, along with other Embassy staff, would continue to meet with a wide range of interlocutors – including coalition and opposition members – to maintain a broad perspective on Suriname.

Ambassador Anania stressed that the United States respects Suriname’s sovereignty as well as the integrity of its election process and that the United States does not advocate for any particular party or candidate.

The United States looks forward to a vibrant election campaign and a successful election in May, 2015.